Student Comments

Karen's teaching videos on YouTube have received over 13.2 million views with over 115,000 subscribers. Thousands of enthusiastic students worldwide have purchased her lesson books and are now learning about music and having fun playing. Here are some comments sent in emails from Karen's students:

"Wow! I think I learned more from this lady in 9 minutes then I did the entire time I was in high school! I've picked up my guitar again this lesson has helped me in so many ways learn things I never knew. Ms. Ramirez, you made this lesson very clear and enjoyable to learn. Thank you for posting this! :)"

"I am floored. I have been struggling with chord progression and many other areas of chord application, and you just explained in one video everything I have been searching for. I have watched dozens of tutorial videos on keyboards and I just never quite got it, until now. Luckily I have studied a book on how to read and write music and I have a good knowledge of the notes on the keys so I can understand what you are trying to convey here. Thank you."

"WOW who is this lady? She in ten minutes helped me get my head round something its taken me years trying... Outstanding teacher!"

"She's AMAZING!!!! This is incredible! Why didn't I have a teacher like you back in High School?? Don't know but they should make more like you. Thank you Mrs Ramirez :)"

"I've ALWAYS played by ear. I stumbled across this video and played it twice (since I know NOTHING about music) and POW... the mental light went ON! EXCELLENT. If I can understand it, anyone can. BRAVO Karen!"

"This is total gold! In less than 10 minutes, I learnt the 'easy' way to both work out a song I want to play, but also how to crank out some chords over lyrics to really get the guts of a song quickly."

"I love the way this lady teaches. It is so practical! So honest and so real. I studied music theory in hight school and college. I have 3 music degrees ending with a Ph.D. in musicology but nowhere was this practical and useful chord progression technique explained. We were too busy learning Schenkarian analysis. Who cares about the "abstract deep structure" of the music. I would just like to play at song a party. My brother often kids me by introducing me with "This is my brother. He is a doctor but not the kind that helps people." Even in music I am not that helpful when someone asks "can you play a song for us" and I have to say, "Sorry, I don't have my music with me." Karen is a gem and as I near retirement I am going to work on her instruction and try to have some FUN with all the musical knowledge I am supposed to have. God bless her!"

"I have never seen anyone teach the way you do, neither in my home country India nor in the US or even on the whole of the internet. I have been trying to learn the keyboard for so many years now (I am 30, so you can imagine) but I always used to get demotivated and even depressed that I probably won't be able to learn to play ever and I used to give up every couple of months. But that was until I found your videos online and everything changed. Your teaching techniques are so unique and effective that it makes learning so much easy and fun. The way you approach to different musical concepts with the logic first and then the shortcuts (cheaty methods) is so helpful. You make your students understand the concepts at the same time help them to grasp quickly and master playing the piano/keyboard... I find it hard to express in words the way in which you have inspired me to learn to play the keyboard. And the best part is you make everything seem so simple. The quote "Enjoy where you are at on the way to where you are going!" made my life. It seems so obvious and simple but we never really realize the potential of this very statement. I believe a teacher teaching something is just one part of the equation, but the student learning it cannot happen until the teacher inspires him to learn. And that is the beauty of your study materials and video tutorials. You inspired me to learn. I am so thankful to you."

"I am SO happy to have found you online. I can relate to your method of teaching so easily. I have tried to learn chords for many years...actually have tried to memorize all the notes in chords and scales. Of course, like you, not realizing the purpose or value in doing so. After listening to the first few videos of yours I see how valuable it is, and easy to learn.

"I came into this lesson thinking "yup, this is where I am going to stall out and quit", but I actually played along with Silent Night, and I have never even so much as glanced at the sheet music. Karen Cuneo Ramirez is a godsend! :)"

"Thanks a bunch. This is so much easier to learn. Now I can tell my music theory teacher that I get it!"

"I have been learning piano since last 4-5 years using instructional DVDs and internet. But none of the tutors that I have come across have been so elaborative, methodical, practical and easy to understand as Ms. Ramirez. I have been highly blessed by her tutorials."

"FINALLY! With no training at all in music, I have really struggled to make sense of the piano. I had a 'lightbulb' moment while watching this video! Simplicity at its best! Thanks Karen. I'll be watching all your instruction starting now!"

"Thank you Mrs. Ramirez for such an in depth lesson. Finally, a down to earth and english speaking instructor that is sharing her skills. Well done!"

"Dear Karen, I'm actually learning guitar, but I found the theory in your lessons to be very helpful. I play my daughter's keyboard to train my ears to play the notes on the guitar. I would love the sheetlet to help my daughter learn to play. Thank you."

"Karen, You're the one who taught me how to play keyboard. I learned in only a month, and its the best thing that could of happened in my life as a singer/songwriter."

"I learned more from 'feeling' music, chords structure and progressions seeing 2 videos from Karen than all the school classes that I took in my child years. Thank God for Karen."

"Hi Karen, this is Sam from Bangalore, India. You are the best piano teacher on the internet. Your classes are so lively, informative and easy to remember and practice. I also like the exercises you give for practice... I've spent thousands of dollars on classes but I can say your classes are the best. They are worth more than a million dollars. Thank you a million times from my heart."

"Wow, I've learned more in one night than 2 years with a teacher!! I love this lady. She has changed my life."

"This was an amazing video. I've been trying to learn this stuff forever and she taught it to me in a couple minutes."

"Karen, I watch you on YouTube and you’re one funny gal. I'm a retired car hauler at 65. I wanted to learn how to play the piano so I went out and bought me a 95 dollar Yamaha EZ200, because I figured that if it didn’t work out, no big financial loss for this blue collar guy! I like your style of communicating, so keep that humor up for us Midwest people."

"I've been teaching myself to play piano for decades, mainly learning classical pieces at a Grade 6 level, but I've never really understood how to practice with or improvise using chord inversions. I recently stumbled across your name when reading through a forum discussion on this topic and immediately tracked down your introductory Youtube videos. I'm impressed with your enthusiasm and the relaxed way you communicate, and I'm very excited about following your programme of lessons. I feel that the dim lights in my head are finally brightening up."

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